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About Us


Unitex rugs is a family affair established in 1991. From humble beginnings going back to the mid-nineties, it's come a long way. Originally a father and son duo, the Unitex family has grown and now employs a team of over 20 professionals, along with being home to the largest and most sophisticated rug distribution centre and rug suppliers in Australia

- We have proven reputation
- We have amazing service
- We have experience

How we operate


We operate from a 11,000 square metre distribution centre in the heart of Sydney, Alexandria, only 10 minutes from Sydney airport and Sydney CBD. We import and distribute in excess of 350 containers of product a year and can ship up to 3000 rugs on any given day.

We have developed sophisticated nationwide distribution network with rapid fulfilment processes. Boasting over 2000 clients in Australia and New Zealand, we have refined our systems and infrastructure to be first to market, and first to store.

Every year we're seeing more of our rugs within Australian Retail stores, and every year we expand operations pre-emptively in order to ensure that we're able to keep up with demand due to the growth we're continuously experiencing!

Unitex International is flexible, efficient, and we're able to dynamically adjust with the times and trends year to year.

Unitex stores over 300,000 rugs ready for same day express shipping. Whether it's a single rug or full container loads, as Australia's leading rug suppliers - we have the resources to deliver. An onsite showroom showcases our core collections and international designer brands we exclusively distribute.


Our facilities

We have a state of the art in-house 50 square metre photography studio utilizing the latest Canon professional grade camera bodies and lenses to reproduce true colours for print and digital media.

Our warehouse is always well stocked, extremely well staffed, and boasts some of the most organized picking process known even outside of the rug industry.

Our size and scale allows us to secure exclusive distribution in Australia from the leading industry brands worldwide. Partnering with the industries most renowned leaders in textiles, we give you direct access to the hottest brands and products to the latest European colours, trends and textures.

Our in-house collections are tailored to meet the latest home styling trends in Australia. With some of our supplier partnerships spanning more than 20 years, you can be rest assured that with our  buying power we import  only the finest qualities that represent the best value for all markets we represent. This is where our industry experience and expertise as rug suppliers is invaluable.



How we can help

We love what we do and we've worked hard to be the best in our industry. With a strong family orientation and work ethic, our dynamic team is driven and always looking to improve. We have the capacity to manage small trade accounts, consult with decorators for custom made rugs, work together with large retail chains, or ship containers to our multinational clients.

As Australia's leading rug suppliers, we have a passion for our product, our industry, and are always looking to introduce new and amazing products year after year, with our latest collection additions of Ted Baker and Wedgwood being the latest such examples, along with a large amount of stunning new collections available within our Rug Culture range in 2020.

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