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We've always been in love with the Skandi collection. We're proud of the texture, construction, design, and perhaps most of all - the sales that have reflected its outstanding quality since being introduced under the Rug Culture brand.
Our style shots below are testament to just how gorgeously photogenic this collection is!
What sets Skandi apart is it's imaginative design with a difference. There's simply no other collection like it currently available. In many cases, the Skandi range is reversible. What this translates to is an easier to clean rug and one that you can occasionally flip over to keep fresh and new. 


A reversible wonder, some Skandi entries are able to be flipped over. This can help to keep a rug looking fresh and new and can also be a sneaky refresher if you don't have time to vacuum before the guests arrive.

A collection name that has grown to be recognisable with consumers as this range further strengthens its position as the flatweave rug collection to have.

What makes Skandi particularly unique is the mix up of materials and creative variation of wool, cotton, and even hemp - necessary to create the texture adventure we see within the Skandi range.
Within some entries we see the use of bold multi colour effects balanced with a soft natural base of wool. Available in three different sizings of 225x155cm, 280x190cm, and 320x230cm to accompany the needs of the vast majority of spaces.
Explore the Skandi range by clicking here. You're going to love it.