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Brink and Campman is a leader in flooring fashion, giving us new rug concepts yearly that continue to surprise and amaze. As one of our premium ranges here at Unitex, we are the exlusive dealer within Australia for the latest Brink and Campman rugs. The Brink and Campman umbrella encompasses Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris & Co and a range of other extremely reputable and high end brands that consistently deliver design decor to floors Australia-wide.

Aura - Click to view

Aura is one of the latest additions to the Brink & Campman line up in 2017, featuring trending textured patterning made only of the finest wool available. Simplistic yet modern, and with visble quality at even the slightest glance.

A loop pile, thick and luxurious - providing an interesting and unique texture underfoot creating a memory that will linger long after leaving the room. It's hard to go wrong with a rug from Brink & Campman.

Power Loomed, Wool + Viscose
200x140 cm, 240x170 cm, 300x200 cm

Nima - Click to view

Nima is an elegant flatweave rug that showcases the hand knotting skill that Brink & Campman has on offer. Available in five different vivid colour variations, click through to view them all.

Halo - Click to view

High quality wool with a touch of viscose for added comfort, this hand woven rug has set new standards for looped pile rugs in 2017. Carefully hand woven and available in 7 exciting colour variations.


Hand Woven, Wool + Viscose
200x140 cm, 230x170 cm, 280x200 cm