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Which rugs are sellers stocking up on this Christmas?

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Let's talk about two types of rugs in relation to the Christmas period and why they tend to sell well. Thse rug types are flat-weaves such as Skandi, Abode, Nomad and nature fibre. It's a bit of a stacking effect involving numerous factors such as cost, weather, season, and material type. All of these factors historically over the holiday season have created the perfect conditions to ensure that flat-weave and natural fibre rugs are what we see moving the fastest in the lead up to Christmas.


Around Christmas time, people are generally looking to buy. They're looking to buy lots of things. So generally - the cheapest and nicest items are usually the fastest moving. Flat-weaves and natural fibre rugs are generally low cost by nature due to their construction methods and material type. As a seller, this also means you can hold more due to your lower buying cost and here's the biggest factor that you'll only get as a customer of Unitex Rugs...

We recently reduced your price for both the Eco range and Abode by 20%. There really hasn't ever been a better time to be well stocked for Christmas.

Weather & Season

In Australia, despite our main image for this article having a snowman, the Christmas season coincides with Summer. Summer rugs are flat-weave rugs. They're easy to roll up, transport, change placement depending on the situation or the event. Quite simply they're the most flexible rugs available and due to the dynamic nature of the Christmas season that's what consumers need around that time of year!

Material Type

Around the holiday season - people care more about appearance. Friends and family are visiting, it's your consumers time to shine and show off their space with often bright and festive colours. What do flat-weave rugs excel in? Colour! Flat-weaves are known to be the more vibrant rugs available due to their matieral type and construction not needing a backing. The dyes are completely uniform throughout the wool or cotton, thus creating the brightest and most solid colour effects possible.

Another reason that flat-weave rugs will often take center stage over your more traditional piled rug types during the holiday season is due to increased traffic in the household. The same holds true for all natural fibre rugs. They're easier to clean and able to handle the traffic much better than your usual rug type can. Your average consumer knows this and buys accordingly. So just be sure you're stocking what they want to buy!